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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Philippe P. Marchetti's rating of the film Nine Lives

    9 short films. Interesting movie. But once again, you'll love some of them so much you wish there will be a feature on it. And others you don't care so much. Very interesting to watch. The one with Robin Wright is outstanding.

  2. esen özen's rating of the film Nine Lives

    Hayat, iç içe geçmiş, öyle değilse bile hiç olmazsa dirsek temasıyla birbirine dokunan parçacıkların, hikayelerin bütünüdür...

  3. Angelika Arman's rating of the film Nine Lives

    Instead of a story you get a whole lot of gossip. A way to keep aging Hollywood actresses busy, as there is shortage in roles for aging Hollywood actresses, from what I read.

  4. Marinos Koutsomichalis's rating of the film Nine Lives

    It has a couple of very good moments as well as a couple of rather weak ones. Overall I enjoyed it.

  5. Adam Barth's rating of the film Nine Lives

    An absolutely incredible work of art. There is more action in the grocery store scene than in the entire careers of Stallone or Schwarzenegger. Forget about James Cameron or John Woo because Rodrigo Garcia may be the greatest director of action working today.

  6. Algitya's rating of the film Nine Lives

  7. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Nine Lives

    I loved Mother and Child but this one looks like a failed French movie. Already forgotten.

  8. rorydean's rating of the film Nine Lives

    Garcia wants us to see what we are given, to think about it, ponder how our own lives may or may not be similar but what he relies on, our appreciation for a second at a time with these characters is the very thing that keeps us at a distance and effectively prevents us from caring enough. There are memorable moments, some tantalizing dialog but overall the film fails where Garcia's first film soared.

  9. Amelia York's rating of the film Nine Lives

    This movie was, for the most part, underwhelming, but the scene with Robin Wright Penn and Jason Isaacs in the grocery store absolutely haunts me. That, as well as Glen Close/Dakota Fanning's scene, was beautifully done.