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  1. Photo of Chris Columbus

    Chris Columbus Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Joan Bradshaw

    Joan Bradshaw Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Christopher Lambert

    Christopher Lambert Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Michael Barnathan

    Michael Barnathan Producer

  5. Photo of Anne François

    Anne François Producer

  6. Photo of Mark Radcliffe

    Mark Radcliffe Producer

  7. Photo of Patrick Braoudé

    Patrick Braoudé Screenplay

  8. Photo of Donald McAlpine

    Donald McAlpine Cinematography

  9. Photo of Hugh Grant

    Hugh Grant Cast

  10. Photo of Julianne Moore

    Julianne Moore Cast

  11. Photo of Tom Arnold

    Tom Arnold Cast

  12. Photo of Joan Cusack

    Joan Cusack Cast

  13. Photo of Jeff Goldblum

    Jeff Goldblum Cast

  14. Photo of Robin Williams

    Robin Williams Cast

  15. Photo of Raja Gosnell

    Raja Gosnell Editing

  16. Photo of Stephen E. Rivkin

    Stephen E. Rivkin Editing

  17. Photo of Angelo P. Graham

    Angelo P. Graham Production Design

  18. Photo of Hans Zimmer

    Hans Zimmer Music

  19. Photo of Jay Hurley

    Jay Hurley Costume Design