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  1. Photo of Enver Puška

    Enver Puška Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Amra Silajdzic

    Amra Silajdzic Cast

  3. Photo of Rijad Gvozden

    Rijad Gvozden Cast

  4. Photo of Tarik Filipović

    Tarik Filipović Cast

  5. Photo of Mario Drmać

    Mario Drmać Cast

  6. Photo of Zorana Becic

    Zorana Becic Cast

  7. Photo of Maja Nurkic

    Maja Nurkic Cast

  8. Photo of Ines Cengic

    Ines Cengic Cast

  9. Photo of Alma Osmanbegovic

    Alma Osmanbegovic Cast

  10. Photo of Tarik Selimovic

    Tarik Selimovic Cast

  11. Photo of Emir Dzanan

    Emir Dzanan Cinematography

  12. Photo of Sabovic Adis

    Sabovic Adis Music and Sound

  13. Photo of Sandra Dizdarevic Puska

    Sandra Dizdarevic Puska Producer

  14. Photo of Marie Adler

    Marie Adler Executive Producer

  15. Photo of Abdulamir Albaldawi

    Abdulamir Albaldawi Editing

  16. Photo of Adis Sabovic

    Adis Sabovic Editing