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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Eric Rucker's rating of the film 9 to 5

    I was severely pissed off when women didn't storm the towers of Reagan's Corporate America and transform the landscape overnight. This movie gave me hope at an impressionable age! Maybe it is happening in real world slow motion. I hope so. It made me so gleeful to watch these ass-kicking ladies humanize their workplace. And it made me extra gleeful that it was Dabney Coleman they strung up.

  2. Wipeoutt31's rating of the film 9 to 5

    A solid 3.5 film with a subject matter more relevant today than ever.

  3. Henrique Garcês's rating of the film 9 to 5

  4. gld48's rating of the film 9 to 5

    Good old-fashioned feminist fun. Nice to see a predominantly female cast in an older film. A lot of fun.

  5. Ethan's rating of the film 9 to 5

    This is a pretty funny film that benefits from an extraordinary cast of three of greatest women to ever grace the screen.

  6. Kyra W's rating of the film 9 to 5

    4.5 How freaking timeless and perfect?? I'm like honestly upset I was born 8 years after this movie was made and that I saw the goddamn all male remake Horrible Bosses before I saw this.

  7. Ryan Robinson's rating of the film 9 to 5

    this is the greatest movie ever made

  8. Kelvin Thompson's rating of the film 9 to 5

    A feel-good comedy that doesn't really hold up that well. Can see why it would be popular as a guilty pleasure, though.

  9. Log Lady's rating of the film 9 to 5

    Awesome ladies being mischievous. Ok, the fantasy sequences did seem goofy at first, but in the end they were just good ol' feminist daydreams about getting rid of a sexist pig, and the light-heartedness doesn't mask the feminine empowerment behind it all. Strongly tied to the social upheaval of the time, but also great fun, and exactly what I needed. Oh, and Tomlin has potential of becoming my spiritual leader!

  10. Sebastian's rating of the film 9 to 5

    2.5. Some very funny moments. Tomlin just outshines the others. It's a lot sillier than I remember it being upon first view. Dream sequences are a bit tedious and long.

  11. Terri Wise's rating of the film 9 to 5

  12. salemsharp's rating of the film 9 to 5