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  1. Photo of Jorge Silva Melo

    Jorge Silva Melo Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Luisa Neto Jorge

    Luisa Neto Jorge Screenplay

  3. Photo of Luís Miguel Cintra

    Luís Miguel Cintra Cast

  4. Photo of Glicínia Quartin

    Glicínia Quartin Cast

  5. Photo of Zita Duarte Luís Lucas

    Zita Duarte Luís Lucas Cast

  6. Photo of Manuela de Freitas

    Manuela de Freitas Cast

  7. Photo of José Mário Branco

    José Mário Branco Cast and Music

  8. Photo of Michael Koenig

    Michael Koenig Cast

  9. Photo of Grisha Huber

    Grisha Huber Cast

  10. Photo of José Afonso

    José Afonso Cast

  11. Photo of Charlotte Schwab

    Charlotte Schwab Cast

  12. Photo of Gina Santos

    Gina Santos Cast

  13. Photo of Acácio de Almeida

    Acácio de Almeida Cinematography

  14. Photo of Hans Werner Henze

    Hans Werner Henze Music

  15. Photo of Paulo Branco

    Paulo Branco Producer

  16. Photo of Maria do Carmo Moser

    Maria do Carmo Moser Producer

  17. Photo of Ana Luísa Magalhães

    Ana Luísa Magalhães Editing

  18. Photo of Maria Paola Porru

    Maria Paola Porru Sound

  19. Photo of Pedro Caldas

    Pedro Caldas Sound

  20. Photo of Jean-Paul Loublier

    Jean-Paul Loublier Sound

  21. Photo of Jasmim de Matos

    Jasmim de Matos Costume Design

  22. Photo of Maria Gonzaga

    Maria Gonzaga Costume Design