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  1. Photo of Marco Ferreri

    Marco Ferreri Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Gianni Romoli

    Gianni Romoli Screenplay

  3. Photo of David Maria Putorti

    David Maria Putorti Screenplay

  4. Photo of László Balogh

    László Balogh Cast

  5. Photo of Eric Berger

    Eric Berger Cast

  6. Photo of Ingrid Bergman

    Ingrid Bergman Cast

  7. Photo of Marc Berman

    Marc Berman Cast

  8. Photo of Doriana Bianchi

    Doriana Bianchi Cast

  9. Photo of Véronique Blainvy

    Véronique Blainvy Cast

  10. Photo of János Breckl

    János Breckl Cast

  11. Photo of Lavinia Centrone

    Lavinia Centrone Cast

  12. Photo of Dario Costa

    Dario Costa Cast

  13. Photo of Péter Cseke

    Péter Cseke Cast

  14. Photo of Gabriella Csizmadia

    Gabriella Csizmadia Cast

  15. Photo of Luciana De Falco

    Luciana De Falco Cast

  16. Photo of Giorgos Arvanitis

    Giorgos Arvanitis Cinematography

  17. Photo of Johann Sebastian Bach

    Johann Sebastian Bach Music

  18. Photo of Ferenc Darvas

    Ferenc Darvas Music

  19. Photo of Mau Mau

    Mau Mau Music

  20. Photo of Roberto Murolo

    Roberto Murolo Music

  21. Photo of Enrico Caruso

    Enrico Caruso Music

  22. Photo of Mikis Theodorakis

    Mikis Theodorakis Music

  23. Photo of Max Steiner

    Max Steiner Music

  24. Photo of Carlos Gardel

    Carlos Gardel Music

  25. Photo of Maurice Jarre

    Maurice Jarre Music

  26. Photo of Tibor Lázár

    Tibor Lázár Production Design

  27. Photo of Maurice Bernart

    Maurice Bernart Producer

  28. Photo of Tilde Corsi

    Tilde Corsi Producer

  29. Photo of Péter Koltai

    Péter Koltai Executive Producer

  30. Photo of André Szots

    André Szots Executive Producer

  31. Photo of Dominique B. Martin

    Dominique B. Martin Editing

  32. Photo of Nicolas Becker

    Nicolas Becker Sound

  33. Photo of Gianni d'Amico

    Gianni d'Amico Sound

  34. Photo of Nathalie Montalant

    Nathalie Montalant Sound

  35. Photo of Pierre Excoffier

    Pierre Excoffier Sound

  36. Photo of Bernard Leroux

    Bernard Leroux Sound

  37. Photo of Claire Fraisse

    Claire Fraisse Costume Design