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  1. Aprilia Gunawan's rating of the film No

    Love that "Now what?" feels in the end

  2. AngM's rating of the film No

    Not everyone, but anyone.

  3. dan's rating of the film No

    this movie looks like the first election ads of Pinochet, dull,cheap and based on fear.Why did the director choose this approach?!

  4. I.Camera's rating of the film No

    A great depiction of a small aspect of the Chilean plebiscite in 1988, shot in the way I remember the revolutions of the late 80s - crappy U-matic video designed for malfunctioning Academy ratio TV sets. Bernal is excellent as the young man trying to develop a political ad campaign with broad appeal, one more positive than the more polemical denunciations of his leftist colleagues. A compelling moment in time.

  5. Xphilo Liranzo's rating of the film No

    Larraín has a very distinctive, attractive impressionistic style. The problem (for me) in his films (like "Jackie" and this one) is the script. I feel them naive, simplistic, they lack some Machiavelism, depth, and seriousness. I sense they have nothing to do with reality even if they deal with "bio and social reality".

  6. bartkl's rating of the film No

    A nice way to learn about politics is through film, where sensory experience accompanies the gathering of information. This film did this job perfectly: it has succeeded in celebrating this great event in recent history, meanwhile entertaining you using the absurdity of it all. There's also a deeper message I get from this film: sometimes, the rhetorical approach beats the honest, factual one. Time for me to grow up.

  7. lbunuel's rating of the film No

    I sympathize greatly with this film's "point" - but then I remember that it is a point, and that in order for it to come across Larraín watered down his poetics to a great extent. This is still somewhat astute, and very entertaining.

  8. Peter's rating of the film No

    An extremely entertaining, accessible and informative film about hope, the power of possibility and the irrepressible desire for self-actualisation and agency. Wonderfully shot too.

  9. JanP's rating of the film No

    But he was correct in his analysis

  10. Jegsy's rating of the film No

    The confident collage of mixed media works well with the retro-styling and tempo of the film, aided by an excellent cast and laconic central performance from Gael Garcia Bernal. A problematic and somewhat hasty conclusion, however, posits marketing as the primary cause for the campaign's success, which rather ignores the cumulative weight of injustices suffered by the Chilean people as motivation for change.

  11. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film No

    Another superb film from director Pablo Larrain that captures a particular time in Chile. Gael Garcia Bernal plays an advertising exec type who ends up putting his efforts into the "No" campaign on the run up to the vote on whether or not General Pinochet should stay in power for another eight years. The acting is great, with Alfredo Castro also doing more good work, and Larrain directs with his usual assurance.

  12. Adam Laurence Pitt's rating of the film No

    The Children Of Marx and Coca-Cola

  13. Steve5by5's rating of the film No

    Great movie with fantastic performance and incredibly interesting subject matter. Definitely made me want to look up more about it. Special mention to the style of the film as well. Been a long time since I've seen something shot on video tape.

  14. Dimitris's rating of the film No

    What could have been a feel-good film about the victory of hope over fear,at the hands of Larrain becomes a complex, ethical exercise.Jingles instead of historical truth;entertainment instead of activism:Is a commodification of politics ethically right if the cause is just?Larrain's final images suggest that democracy,the hyperreality of advertising & capitalism are so entangled,that the answer might no longer matter

  15. Thomas Dods's rating of the film No

    At first the 80s VHS cinematography feels like a gimmick but this soon changes as Larrain exquisitely merges real historical footage with the film, including a superb riot sequence. This is an intelligent and very enjoyable drama reminding us of the power of hope in politics, with a great leading performance from Bernal.

  16. steeeeellaaaaa (Iulia N)'s rating of the film No

    Very interesting stylistic choices, the home made video look really adds to the personal feeling this movie has, bringing the main character closer to the audience

  17. McOpinionated's rating of the film No

    wonderful evocation of time and place, bottled-up emotions from a professional manipulator and a commentary on our times and our current spate of dramatic political elections/referenda in the context of right vs. left just as much as on the demise (I have to hope this is not a spoiler for ANYONE) of one of the recently departed Latin dictatorships.

  18. Leo's rating of the film No

    A tremendous film, wonderful subtle acting, seamlessly blending with period footage provide a seemingly feel-good narrative of Chile's return to democracy. However Larrain questions this new Chile which we see emerging, represented by Bernal's advertising creative, commenting on the shallowness of modern political discourse, and a failure to deal with the Chile's past under Pinochet. Wonderful

  19. Katherine Gill's rating of the film No

    Brilliant! I find it touching that a film so ambitious could be made so understated in the pursuit of truth. A little sequin of history!

  20. SiIencio's rating of the film No

    Very narrow look at a critical period that crystallised with the fall of Pinochet. The overall lack of tension and the anodyne performance of Gael G Bernal are ultimately eclipsed by the assumption that a somehow straightforward propaganda campaign was pivotal in the final result. Of course it was not. Chileans were given the chance to get rid of a crumbling murderous military dictatorship and they grabbed it.

  21. dmol's rating of the film No

    I first saw this at the London Film Festival, followed by a Q&A with the director, which gave me a better understanding of its background, emotive power and originality. And a great Gael Garcia Bernal. Top marks.

  22. Pango's rating of the film No

  23. Jugu Abraham's rating of the film No

    "No" is one of the two best works from young director Pablo Larrain--ranking alongside his "Neruda." "Jackie" and "The Club" are good but not as good as the first two films mentioned earlier. It is also one of the most engaging performances from actor Gael Garcia Bernal.

  24. angelicidea's rating of the film No

    Every once in a while hope beats fear

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