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  1. Photo of Bruce Pittman

    Bruce Pittman Director

  2. Photo of Ivan Kane

    Ivan Kane Screenplay

  3. Photo of John Schafer

    John Schafer Screenplay

  4. Photo of Dean Cain

    Dean Cain Cast

  5. Photo of Peter Stebbings

    Peter Stebbings Cast

  6. Photo of Eric Roberts

    Eric Roberts Cast

  7. Photo of Lexa Doig

    Lexa Doig Cast

  8. Photo of Larry Day

    Larry Day Cast

  9. Photo of Michael Storey

    Michael Storey Cinematography

  10. Photo of Marty Simon

    Marty Simon Music

  11. Photo of Neil Smolar

    Neil Smolar Music

  12. Photo of John Meighen

    John Meighen Production Design

  13. Photo of Jean Desormeaux

    Jean Desormeaux Producer

  14. Photo of Emile Razpopov

    Emile Razpopov Producer

  15. Photo of Stéphane Reichel

    Stéphane Reichel Producer

  16. Photo of Stefan Wodoslawsky

    Stefan Wodoslawsky Producer

  17. Photo of Gord Haines

    Gord Haines Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Jacques Méthé

    Jacques Méthé Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Roni Weisberg

    Roni Weisberg Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Dean Balser

    Dean Balser Editing