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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Karl J. Kipling's rating of the film No Day Off

    Excellent short film following one of the wretched of the Earth through the mill of modern capitalism. The "agency" trains her, gets her from Indonesian village to Singapore, then take her first ten months' salary for their efforts. She's then employed by a couple of hilariously nasty families (hence the accusation that it's one-sided: but people like this exist) and works without a day off for years.

  2. Ben.'s rating of the film No Day Off

    One sided to a fault and ineffective at promoting a real social issue. Khoo can't even represent the families as realistic. It's forty minutes of Siti being berated by villains of satirical proportions.

  3. Law's rating of the film No Day Off

    manipulative filmmaking indeed, but draws attention to an important social issue. however hypocritcial, it raises good questions about dehumanisation of maids and by extension, employers, which can be viewed as a positive or negative aspect of the film.