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  1. babycakesromero's rating of the film No Escape

    wasn't terrible. kind of the fugitive with a family in far east.

  2. malachiesipucheala94's rating of the film No Escape

  3. Steve G.'s rating of the film No Escape

  4. Diderot's rating of the film No Escape

    For a long time, I knew this movie as 'the one where they throw the kids'. That still sums it up for me, and I enjoyed the build-up to that moment. Also, the casting of Wilson and Bell as the parents in a thriller is an intriguing and somehow spot-on choice. (But not at all worth if it you didn't already want to see it.)

  5. João Estevens's rating of the film No Escape

    1.5 quite effective pace, but a lottt of plot holes.

  6. Stephane Tanaka's rating of the film No Escape

    I really enjoyed the oppressive atmosphere. And Pierce was very cool!

  7. HKFanatic's rating of the film No Escape

    With droning synthesizer flourishes and Eighties-style title credits, filmmakers John & Drew Dowdle wear their John Carpenter influence on their sleeves. But while the duo are clearly striving for an almost found footage-esque sense of immediacy to their thriller, they constantly break the viewer's immersion with a staccato editing style. Here's a film that cried out for some "Children of Men"-style long takes.

  8. Scott Lucas's rating of the film No Escape

    The most cruelly effective piece of xenophobic Hollywood entertainment since "Midnight Express".

  9. vordven's rating of the film No Escape

  10. Tiago Gonçalves's rating of the film No Escape

    More maze runner than the actual "Maze Runner"...

  11. Easton Dubois's rating of the film No Escape

    you should stop selling keyboards

  12. Maudy Puteri Agusdina's rating of the film No Escape

    There are so many scenes in this film that actually my biggest phobias. In my opinion, it's so brutal (rape attempt, kids point a gun, throwing them from buildings) but i think that's what this film really wants to be.

  13. J. O.'s rating of the film No Escape

    The story was a little too thin, and the threat was more or less faceless without much explanation. But that being said, pairing that with the frantic pace, it almost contributed to the dizzying, disoriented atmosphere. Maybe it was a fluke, but it mostly worked. Good enough performances - Brosnan was a much-needed relief. Corniness and convenience was easily ignored to indulge in the tension.

  14. berat bayer's rating of the film No Escape

    a stupid but surprisingly effective/intense thriller. brosnan was also pretty good.

  15. Steve Pulaski's rating of the film No Escape

    I like how any movie like this nowadays is automatically racist, no matter what. Anyway, looking at THE MOVIE, unlike many other critics, it's a pretty slickly paced action film. Lots of great sequences and some dark humor by Pierce Brosnan comes in the nick of time. It's emotionally manipulative at times and a bit too convenient, but these flaws are largely masked by its pacing and its seriously heartpounding scenes

  16. Adam Cross's rating of the film No Escape

    Complete bullshit. No more movies that uses the faceless, voiceless death of people of colour as a backdrop for the faux-trauma of white people, please. Perpetuating Otherness and the idea that foreign countries are war-torn violent places that should be avoided is not something that should be tolerated in 2015.