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  1. Photo of Fridrikh Ermler

    Fridrikh Ermler Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Mikhail Bleiman

    Mikhail Bleiman Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ivan Bondin

    Ivan Bondin Screenplay

  4. Photo of Aleksei Kapler

    Aleksei Kapler Screenplay

  5. Photo of G. Gakkel

    G. Gakkel Producer

  6. Photo of Gavriil Popov

    Gavriil Popov Music

  7. Photo of Vladimir Rapoport

    Vladimir Rapoport Cinematography

  8. Photo of Tatyana Likhachyova

    Tatyana Likhachyova Editing

  9. Photo of Nikolai Suvorov

    Nikolai Suvorov Production Design

  10. Photo of Z. Zalkina

    Z. Zalkina Sound

  11. Photo of Vera Maretskaya

    Vera Maretskaya Cast

  12. Photo of Nikolay Bogolyubov

    Nikolay Bogolyubov Cast

  13. Photo of Pyotr Alejnikov

    Pyotr Alejnikov Cast

  14. Photo of Lidiya Smirnova

    Lidiya Smirnova Cast

  15. Photo of Inna Fyodorova

    Inna Fyodorova Cast

  16. Photo of Ivan Pelttser

    Ivan Pelttser Cast

  17. Photo of Yu. Korshun

    Yu. Korshun Cast

  18. Photo of Kirill Chepurnov

    Kirill Chepurnov Cast

  19. Photo of Yevgeni Nemchenko

    Yevgeni Nemchenko Cast

  20. Photo of I. Medvedko

    I. Medvedko Cast

  21. Photo of Georgi Semyonov

    Georgi Semyonov Cast

  22. Photo of Boris Dmokhovsky

    Boris Dmokhovsky Cast

  23. Photo of Vladimir Gremin

    Vladimir Gremin Cast

  24. Photo of Aleksandr Violinov

    Aleksandr Violinov Cast