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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Andre Flickatina's rating of the film No Holds Barred

  2. Junda Mane's rating of the film No Holds Barred

    Pompous trash. Loved it, four stars.

  3. Ricardo Gama's rating of the film No Holds Barred

    Whatcha gonna do, Brother, when 80s cheesiness runs wild on you? Classic Good Guys vs Evil Corporation in a sunday afternoon movie full of so bad it's good moments. One of those quote pools. Everything screams cheap hollywood cash-in. The music, the acting, the editing, everything. Take your vitamins and say your prayers, you'll need them if you're going to watch this sucker. Still, leave it for Bad Movie Night.

  4. kubrickhouse's rating of the film No Holds Barred

    2 stars for the film. And 2 bonus stars for the ridiculous yet memorable wrestling angle that came about from this and played out on 80's WWF TV; primarily used to promote the film to all the little Hulkamaniacs (Zeus was a no-selling monster before the Undertaker made that wrestling style popular). Also, Rip (Hogan) causes a bad guy to crap his pants out of fear: Quality cinema, indeed!