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Ratings & Reviews

  1. FISCHER's rating of the film No Mercy

    Un polar en hommage au film noir qui réussit ses références...

  2. João R's rating of the film No Mercy

    I couldn't get past the degrading and scorning depiction of women. No mercy to that. Plus, it has no value content.

  3. Ethan's rating of the film No Mercy

    This is a nice little thriller that keeps with the action and the sexy.

  4. sandracine's rating of the film No Mercy

    So bored with wimpy female characters, whose beauty is so breathtaking, nothing other than banging the handsome interloper, crying and screaming on cue, is expected from them. Fight back! Kick ass. Stop whimpering. How about when our hero recites his faults and flaws, she just melts against him with relief: that he will take care of her; she`s allowed into his shitty apartment, with his shitty attitude. Ah!.