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  1. saltwater's rating of the film No No Sleep

    This film made me feel so... relaxed, at peace, and one with the world. Was I just meditating?

  2. letters never sent's rating of the film No No Sleep

    Perhaps my personal favourite in his walker monk series.

  3. Yokna HASEGAWA's rating of the film No No Sleep

    as usual of tsai ming liang's film,as time passed,the fascination becomes bigger. everything is sensual. so long,but A moment. unknown heartbeats in the undercurrent of city-noise.

  4. Nachtreich's rating of the film No No Sleep

  5. Kamran's rating of the film No No Sleep

    High exposure and high contrast lighting serve Liang's presentation of the dualities of tradition/modernity, body/soul, awake/asleep or its allegorical equivalent: ignorant/enlightened. He presents the realized distinction of gross human body and subtle buddha body by drawing asymmetrically. 85/100 - Excellent.

  6. daniel v's rating of the film No No Sleep

    The Walker series is suffering from diminishing returns. Minor Tsai.

  7. paxy's rating of the film No No Sleep

  8. José Neves's rating of the film No No Sleep

    Very clever in the way it observes spaces and its figures and time - the time of the film becomes the time of the viewer, making it his own time - therefore, a singular time. Yet, by repeating the Buddhist character without granting him the time that is determinant and his own, who had already obtained it in a previous movie, reduces the scope of the film in this irreconcilable contradiction.

  9. Warren Spratley's rating of the film No No Sleep

    A supreme achievement. Massive lines of light & color, overwhelming abstract spacial patterns within specific cultural spaces--here Tokyo--, the Walker metamorphosing into someone entirely new. Unexpectedly, Tsai's frame reveals a man of David-like beauty; then the longing commences. The Walker's spiritual center shifts & the film moves to a new register. This just might have the greatest train sequence in cinema.

  10. Pierre's rating of the film No No Sleep

    I love the contrasts in this instalment, the final scene a suggestive axiom: the virility and restlessness of youth transitioning into the quietude of age. Ming-Liang continues his sleepwalk towards enlightenment.

  11. Nadin's rating of the film No No Sleep

    A lovely sequel to the original Walker. It starts off very similar but then takes the story and the aesthetics to a new level. Great new short film by Tsai Ming-liang. More thoughts on my blog: