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  1. Photo of Gleb Panfilov

    Gleb Panfilov Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Yevgeni Gabrilovich

    Yevgeni Gabrilovich Screenplay

  3. Photo of Inna Churikova

    Inna Churikova Cast

  4. Photo of Anatoliy Solonitsyn

    Anatoliy Solonitsyn Cast

  5. Photo of Mikhail Gluzsky

    Mikhail Gluzsky Cast

  6. Photo of Mikhail Kononov

    Mikhail Kononov Cast

  7. Photo of Mayya Bulgakova

    Mayya Bulgakova Cast

  8. Photo of Yevgeni Lebedev

    Yevgeni Lebedev Cast

  9. Photo of Anatoli Marenich

    Anatoli Marenich Cast

  10. Photo of Vladimir Kashpur

    Vladimir Kashpur Cast

  11. Photo of Vadim Beroyev

    Vadim Beroyev Cast

  12. Photo of Mikhail Kokshenov

    Mikhail Kokshenov Cast

  13. Photo of Lyubov Malinovskaya

    Lyubov Malinovskaya Cast

  14. Photo of F. Razumov

    F. Razumov Cast

  15. Photo of Valeriy Matveev

    Valeriy Matveev Cast

  16. Photo of Dmitri Dolinin

    Dmitri Dolinin Cinematography

  17. Photo of Vadim Bibergan

    Vadim Bibergan Music

  18. Photo of Natalia Vasilyeva

    Natalia Vasilyeva Production Design

  19. Photo of Marksen Gaukhman-Sverdlov

    Marksen Gaukhman-Sverdlov Production Design