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  1. Photo of Rolando Ravello

    Rolando Ravello Director, Screenplay Cast

  2. Photo of Kasia Smutniak

    Kasia Smutniak Cast

  3. Photo of Marco Giallini

    Marco Giallini Cast

  4. Photo of Stefano Altieri

    Stefano Altieri Cast

  5. Photo of Raffaele Iorio

    Raffaele Iorio Cast

  6. Photo of Agnese Ghinassi

    Agnese Ghinassi Cast

  7. Photo of Lidia Vitale

    Lidia Vitale Cast

  8. Photo of Flavio Bonacci

    Flavio Bonacci Cast

  9. Photo of Antonio Gerardi

    Antonio Gerardi Cast

  10. Photo of Hedy Krissane

    Hedy Krissane Cast

  11. Photo of Zahira Berrezouga

    Zahira Berrezouga Cast

  12. Photo of Luca Lombardi

    Luca Lombardi Cast

  13. Photo of Mario Bovenzi

    Mario Bovenzi Cast

  14. Photo of Paolo Sassanelli

    Paolo Sassanelli Cast

  15. Photo of Massimiliano Bruno

    Massimiliano Bruno Cast and Screenplay

  16. Photo of Paolo Carnera

    Paolo Carnera Cinematography

  17. Photo of Alessandro Mannarino

    Alessandro Mannarino Music

  18. Photo of Tony Brundo

    Tony Brundo Music

  19. Photo of Clelio Benevento

    Clelio Benevento Editing