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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Diderot's rating of the film No Such Thing

    I admire anyone who even thinks to make a movie like this, let alone pulling it off. It's a work of near-genius.

  2. nrh's rating of the film No Such Thing

    Despite the venom directed toward this film on its release, and the desultory nature of all Hartley's (digital, significantly) features after this, it might actually be a great or nearly great film. If nothing else his ability to light and stage clear, strong images in depth is a lost art in the generations which have preceded him. If only this was treated with respect, but then we live in a world of lost promise.

  3. Risselada's rating of the film No Such Thing

    I'm not sure why the image changed. I liked the one of the Monster lounging around on the couch with his drinks.