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  1. Photo of Michael Thurmeier

    Michael Thurmeier Director

  2. Photo of Chris Renaud

    Chris Renaud Screenplay and Director

  3. Photo of Chris Wedge

    Chris Wedge Cast and Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Christopher Ward

    Christopher Ward Music

  5. Photo of Mike Knapp

    Mike Knapp Production Design

  6. Photo of Lori Forte

    Lori Forte Producer

  7. Photo of John C. Donkin

    John C. Donkin Producer

  8. Photo of Carlos Saldanha

    Carlos Saldanha Executive Producer

  9. Photo of Christopher Meledandri

    Christopher Meledandri Executive Producer

  10. Photo of James Palumbo

    James Palumbo Editing

  11. Photo of Sean Garnhart

    Sean Garnhart Sound

  12. Photo of Jessica Sances

    Jessica Sances Animation

  13. Photo of Tom Saville

    Tom Saville Animation

  14. Photo of Paul Downs

    Paul Downs Animation

  15. Photo of Mark Curnell Harris

    Mark Curnell Harris Animation

  16. Photo of Robin Luera

    Robin Luera Animation

  17. Photo of Aaron J. Hartline

    Aaron J. Hartline Animation

  18. Photo of Leif Jeffers

    Leif Jeffers Animation

  19. Photo of Wesley Mandell

    Wesley Mandell Animation

  20. Photo of Rick McKain

    Rick McKain Animation

  21. Photo of David Torres

    David Torres Animation

  22. Photo of Royce Wesley

    Royce Wesley Animation