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  1. Photo of Jos Stelling

    Jos Stelling Director, Executive Producer, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Hans Heesen

    Hans Heesen Screenplay

  3. Photo of Dirk van Dijck

    Dirk van Dijck Cast

  4. Photo of Kees Prins

    Kees Prins Cast

  5. Photo of Peer Mascini

    Peer Mascini Cast

  6. Photo of Katja Schuurman

    Katja Schuurman Cast

  7. Photo of Petra Sedda

    Petra Sedda Cast

  8. Photo of Leny Breederveld

    Leny Breederveld Cast

  9. Photo of Aat Ceelen

    Aat Ceelen Cast

  10. Photo of Ellen Ten Damme

    Ellen Ten Damme Cast

  11. Photo of Henri Garcin

    Henri Garcin Cast

  12. Photo of Piet Brouwer

    Piet Brouwer Cast

  13. Photo of Jan de Koning

    Jan de Koning Cast

  14. Photo of Dominique Horwitz

    Dominique Horwitz Cast

  15. Photo of Jacques Bosman

    Jacques Bosman Cast

  16. Photo of Goert Giltay

    Goert Giltay Cinematography

  17. Photo of Nicola Piovani

    Nicola Piovani Music

  18. Photo of Gert Brinkers

    Gert Brinkers Production Design

  19. Photo of Anton Kramer

    Anton Kramer Producer

  20. Photo of Bert Rijkelijkhuizen

    Bert Rijkelijkhuizen Sound and Editing