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  1. Photo of József Nepp

    József Nepp Director, Production Design Screenplay

  2. Photo of Ferenc Kállai

    Ferenc Kállai Cast

  3. Photo of János Körmendi

    János Körmendi Cast

  4. Photo of Ilona Béres

    Ilona Béres Cast

  5. Photo of Judit Halász

    Judit Halász Cast

  6. Photo of István Sztankay

    István Sztankay Cast

  7. Photo of Gyula Szombathy

    Gyula Szombathy Cast

  8. Photo of Irén Henrik

    Irén Henrik Cinematography

  9. Photo of Tamás Deák

    Tamás Deák Music

  10. Photo of Román Kunz

    Román Kunz Producer

  11. Photo of Magda Hap

    Magda Hap Editing

  12. Photo of János Réti

    János Réti Sound

  13. Photo of Béla Zsebényi

    Béla Zsebényi Sound

  14. Photo of Edit Kõ

    Edit Kõ Sound

  15. Photo of Réka Balikó

    Réka Balikó Animation

  16. Photo of Erna Biró

    Erna Biró Animation

  17. Photo of Anna Botlik

    Anna Botlik Animation

  18. Photo of Katalin Bross

    Katalin Bross Animation