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  1. IAGO's rating of the film Noah

    where did you watch this movie? I am trying to find it bu I can't.

  2. VS Twaystland's rating of the film Noah

    Does anyone else see Chris Marker's (La Jetee) long shadow over this work? It's a nice tribute in my mind, and I'd like to see more like it.

  3. savinistef's rating of the film Noah

    I agree Noe is a mix of: Chris Marker "La Jetée", Jim Jarmush for the song and a little taste of Kubrick's 2001. Noe's synopsis is interesting although I think the final result is a little disappointing. I'll keep an eye on Pauline Julier projects...

  4. Caroline's rating of the film Noah

    Wow... I just didn't know about it. It sounds strange for someone who lives in Brazil to get to know this... I had to find more information about "Svalbard" in another language, over the internet. I guess the "end of the world" never felt like a real threat for us... But I'm worried about the nature we still have, now... This movie is necessary.

  5. massimo's rating of the film Noah

    The story of the devil was funny...but I didin't understand all because I don't speak french very well!

  6. nanoguy's rating of the film Noah

    It subtitled in French, not English.

  7. tsienni's rating of the film Noah

    Énorme. J'aime beaucoup cette idée.

  8. runfromfire's rating of the film Noah

    Since I do not speak French I'm sure part of this film was lost on me but it was nonetheless visually stunning and I enjoyed the overall feel of it. Hopefully they'll fix the subtitles some time in the future so I can watch it without losing the narrative.

  9. micmac●'s rating of the film Noah

    It's like if that bit from Inception that sucked didn't actually suck.

  10. yaz's rating of the film Noah

    well, there is no dialogue, and the subtitles are in French.

  11. Doots's rating of the film Noah

    not just good, it's great

  12. francisca bacon's rating of the film Noah

    it could have been fantastic without that piece of reality in the end. it would`ve been even more terryfying if it stayed entirely in the realm of fantasy and metaphor. still, it looks great