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  1. Photo of Doris Dörrie

    Doris Dörrie Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Maria Schrader

    Maria Schrader Cast

  3. Photo of Pierre Sanoussi-Bliss

    Pierre Sanoussi-Bliss Cast

  4. Photo of Michael von Au

    Michael von Au Cast

  5. Photo of Elisabeth Trissenaar

    Elisabeth Trissenaar Cast

  6. Photo of Ingo Naujoks

    Ingo Naujoks Cast

  7. Photo of Gerd Huber

    Gerd Huber Producer

  8. Photo of Renate Seefeldt

    Renate Seefeldt Producer

  9. Photo of Niki Reiser

    Niki Reiser Music

  10. Photo of Helge Weindler

    Helge Weindler Cinematography

  11. Photo of Inez Regnier

    Inez Regnier Editing

  12. Photo of Joachim Król

    Joachim Król Cast

  13. Photo of Peggy Parnass

    Peggy Parnass Cast

  14. Photo of Lorose Keller

    Lorose Keller Cast

  15. Photo of Anya Hoffmann

    Anya Hoffmann Cast

  16. Photo of Erwin Grosche

    Erwin Grosche Cast

  17. Photo of Roland Kabelitz

    Roland Kabelitz Cast

  18. Photo of Steffen Gräbner

    Steffen Gräbner Cast

  19. Photo of Oliver Nägele

    Oliver Nägele Cast

  20. Photo of Ute Maria Lerner

    Ute Maria Lerner Cast

  21. Photo of Laura Medinger

    Laura Medinger Cast