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  1. Photo of Raúl Ruiz

    Raúl Ruiz Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Max Beerbohm

    Max Beerbohm Screenplay

  3. Photo of Carlos Solanos

    Carlos Solanos Cast

  4. Photo of Jaime Vadell

    Jaime Vadell Cast

  5. Photo of Luis Vilches

    Luis Vilches Cast

  6. Photo of Luis Alarcón

    Luis Alarcón Cast

  7. Photo of Nelson Villagra

    Nelson Villagra Cast

  8. Photo of Shenda Román

    Shenda Román Cast

  9. Photo of Pedro Gaete

    Pedro Gaete Cast

  10. Photo of Ceferino Reyes

    Ceferino Reyes Cast

  11. Photo of Mario Catalán

    Mario Catalán Cast

  12. Photo of Waldo Rojas

    Waldo Rojas Cast

  13. Photo of Gabriel Pena

    Gabriel Pena Cast

  14. Photo of Humberto Miranda

    Humberto Miranda Cast

  15. Photo of Carla Cristi

    Carla Cristi Cast

  16. Photo of Carmen Lara

    Carmen Lara Cast

  17. Photo of Rodrigo Maturana

    Rodrigo Maturana Cast

  18. Photo of Aquiles Varas

    Aquiles Varas Cast

  19. Photo of Silvio Caiozzi

    Silvio Caiozzi Cinematography

  20. Photo of Tomás Lefever

    Tomás Lefever Music

  21. Photo of Carlos Piaggio

    Carlos Piaggio Editing

  22. Photo of José de la Vega

    José de la Vega Sound