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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Knut Morte's rating of the film Nobody's Daughter

    "This film should be recommended viewing for people embracing the idea of foster parenting, or for social workers in any country on earth, and for United Nations personnel who deal with the occurrence of poverty-based neglect of Earth's most valuable resource...our children." I didn't have subtitles, but I could infer enough. Film brings up good questions,

  2. redux's rating of the film Nobody's Daughter

    Brilliant adaptation of Zsigmond Móricz's classic novel, a harsh indictment of Hungary's pre-WW2 Horthy régime. The gut-wrenching story of the orphan girl, inspired by the real-life experiences of the writer's adopted daughter, reveals the scandalous social injustices of that régime, an object of nostalgia for Hungary's current rulers. Little Zsuzsa Czinkóczi's contribution to the movie is beyond description.