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  1. Photo of Carlos Alberto Prates Correia

    Carlos Alberto Prates Correia Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of J. Guimarães Rosa

    J. Guimarães Rosa Story

  3. Photo of Cristina Aché

    Cristina Aché Cast

  4. Photo of Maria Alves

    Maria Alves Cast

  5. Photo of Sura Berditchevsky

    Sura Berditchevsky Cast

  6. Photo of Débora Bloch

    Débora Bloch Cast

  7. Photo of Alvaro Freire

    Alvaro Freire Cast

  8. Photo of Antônio Grassi

    Antônio Grassi Cast

  9. Photo of Carlos Kroeber

    Carlos Kroeber Cast

  10. Photo of Hileana Menezes

    Hileana Menezes Cast

  11. Photo of Milton Nascimento

    Milton Nascimento Cast

  12. Photo of Paulão

    Paulão Cast

  13. Photo of Ruy Polanah

    Ruy Polanah Cast

  14. Photo of Tony Ramos

    Tony Ramos Cast

  15. Photo of Maria Sílvia

    Maria Sílvia Cast

  16. Photo of Carlos Wilson

    Carlos Wilson Cast

  17. Photo of José Tadeu Ribeiro

    José Tadeu Ribeiro Cinematography

  18. Photo of Tavinho Moura

    Tavinho Moura Music

  19. Photo of Anisio Medeiros

    Anisio Medeiros Production Design

  20. Photo of Helvecio Ratton

    Helvecio Ratton Producer

  21. Photo of Tarcísio Vidigal

    Tarcísio Vidigal Producer

  22. Photo of Amaury Alves

    Amaury Alves Editing

  23. Photo of Idê Lacreta

    Idê Lacreta Editing