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  1. Photo of António de Macedo

    António de Macedo Director, Executive Producer, Editing Screenplay

  2. Photo of Elso Roque

    Elso Roque Cinematography

  3. Photo of João Diogo

    João Diogo Sound

  4. Photo of Avelino Lopes

    Avelino Lopes Music and Cast

  5. Photo of Francisco de Castro

    Francisco de Castro Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Ernesto de Oliveira

    Ernesto de Oliveira Producer

  7. Photo of Vítor Barbosa

    Vítor Barbosa Producer

  8. Photo of Maria João

    Maria João Cast

  9. Photo of Ana Zanatti

    Ana Zanatti Cast

  10. Photo of Melim Teixeira

    Melim Teixeira Cast

  11. Photo of Ana Leiria

    Ana Leiria Cast

  12. Photo of Murad Ali Mamadhudsen

    Murad Ali Mamadhudsen Cast

  13. Photo of Clara Silva

    Clara Silva Cast

  14. Photo of Eduarda Pimenta

    Eduarda Pimenta Cast

  15. Photo of Helena Balsa

    Helena Balsa Cast