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  1. Photo of Giancarlo Nicotra

    Giancarlo Nicotra Director

  2. Photo of Giorgio Vignali

    Giorgio Vignali Screenplay and Cast

  3. Photo of Umberto Simonetta

    Umberto Simonetta Screenplay

  4. Photo of Italo Terzoli

    Italo Terzoli Screenplay

  5. Photo of Barbara Cappi

    Barbara Cappi Screenplay

  6. Photo of Gino Bramieri

    Gino Bramieri Cast

  7. Photo of Paola Onofri

    Paola Onofri Cast

  8. Photo of Sonia Grey

    Sonia Grey Cast

  9. Photo of Franco Oppini

    Franco Oppini Cast

  10. Photo of Eva Pantera

    Eva Pantera Cast

  11. Photo of Morena Pantera

    Morena Pantera Cast

  12. Photo of Federico Rizzo

    Federico Rizzo Cast

  13. Photo of Luca Sandri

    Luca Sandri Cast

  14. Photo of Alberto Tovaglia

    Alberto Tovaglia Cast

  15. Photo of Guido Cerniglia

    Guido Cerniglia Cast

  16. Photo of Elena Guarnieri

    Elena Guarnieri Cast

  17. Photo of Gisella Sofio

    Gisella Sofio Cast

  18. Photo of Mirella Falco

    Mirella Falco Cast