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  1. Photo of Eddie Murphy

    Eddie Murphy Screenplay, Producer Cast

  2. Photo of Jay Scherick

    Jay Scherick Screenplay

  3. Photo of David Ronn

    David Ronn Screenplay

  4. Photo of Thandie Newton

    Thandie Newton Cast

  5. Photo of Cuba Gooding Jr.

    Cuba Gooding Jr. Cast

  6. Photo of Eddie Griffin

    Eddie Griffin Cast

  7. Photo of Jennifer Lauren Grant

    Jennifer Lauren Grant Cast

  8. Photo of Rob Huebel

    Rob Huebel Cast

  9. Photo of Marlon Wayans

    Marlon Wayans Cast

  10. Photo of Katt Williams

    Katt Williams Cast

  11. Photo of Anthony Russell

    Anthony Russell Cast

  12. Photo of Charles Q. Murphy

    Charles Q. Murphy Cast and Screenplay

  13. Photo of Clark Mathis

    Clark Mathis Cinematography

  14. Photo of David Newman

    David Newman Music

  15. Photo of Clay A. Griffith

    Clay A. Griffith Production Design

  16. Photo of John Davis

    John Davis Producer

  17. Photo of David B. Householter

    David B. Householter Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Brian Robbins

    Brian Robbins Executive Producer and Director

  19. Photo of Michael Tollin

    Michael Tollin Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Ned Bastille

    Ned Bastille Editing