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  1. Photo of Kevin Connor

    Kevin Connor Director

  2. Photo of Richard Fielder

    Richard Fielder Screenplay

  3. Photo of John Jakes

    John Jakes Novel

  4. Photo of Patrick Swayze

    Patrick Swayze Cast

  5. Photo of James Read

    James Read Cast

  6. Photo of Kirstie Alley

    Kirstie Alley Cast

  7. Photo of David Carradine

    David Carradine Cast

  8. Photo of Philip Casnoff

    Philip Casnoff Cast

  9. Photo of Mary Crosby

    Mary Crosby Cast

  10. Photo of Lesley-Anne Down

    Lesley-Anne Down Cast

  11. Photo of Genie Francis

    Genie Francis Cast

  12. Photo of Terri Garber

    Terri Garber Cast

  13. Photo of Jim Metzler

    Jim Metzler Cast

  14. Photo of Lewis Smith

    Lewis Smith Cast

  15. Photo of Olivia de Havilland

    Olivia de Havilland Cast

  16. Photo of James Stewart

    James Stewart Cast

  17. Photo of Michael Dudikoff

    Michael Dudikoff Cast

  18. Photo of Jean Simmons

    Jean Simmons Cast

  19. Photo of Forest Whitaker

    Forest Whitaker Cast

  20. Photo of Inga Swenson

    Inga Swenson Cast

  21. Photo of Hal Holbrook

    Hal Holbrook Cast

  22. Photo of Wendy Kilbourne

    Wendy Kilbourne Cast

  23. Photo of Parker Stevenson

    Parker Stevenson Cast

  24. Photo of David Ogden Stiers

    David Ogden Stiers Cast

  25. Photo of Morgan Fairchild

    Morgan Fairchild Cast

  26. Photo of Tony Frank

    Tony Frank Cast

  27. Photo of David Harris

    David Harris Cast

  28. Photo of Erica Gimpel

    Erica Gimpel Cast

  29. Photo of Andrew Stahl

    Andrew Stahl Cast

  30. Photo of Linda Evans

    Linda Evans Cast

  31. Photo of Lee Horsley

    Lee Horsley Cast

  32. Photo of Wayne Newton

    Wayne Newton Cast

  33. Photo of Beau Billingslea

    Beau Billingslea Cast

  34. Photo of Whip Hubley

    Whip Hubley Cast

  35. Photo of Lloyd Bridges

    Lloyd Bridges Cast

  36. Photo of Anthony Zerbe

    Anthony Zerbe Cast

  37. Photo of Nancy Marchand

    Nancy Marchand Cast

  38. Photo of William Schallert

    William Schallert Cast

  39. Photo of Kurtwood Smith

    Kurtwood Smith Cast

  40. Photo of James Houghton

    James Houghton Cast

  41. Photo of Ray Stricklyn

    Ray Stricklyn Cast

  42. Photo of David Michael O'Neill

    David Michael O'Neill Cast

  43. Photo of Arlen Dean Snyder

    Arlen Dean Snyder Cast

  44. Photo of Robert Englund

    Robert Englund Cast

  45. Photo of Bonnie Bartlett

    Bonnie Bartlett Cast

  46. Photo of Jacques R. Marquette

    Jacques R. Marquette Cinematography

  47. Photo of Bill Conti

    Bill Conti Music

  48. Photo of Robert A. Papazian

    Robert A. Papazian Producer

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