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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Bastien G.'s rating of the film North Face

    the fact that it's based on a true story makes it special. Otherwise it's just another good mountains movie.

  2. magali de lepeleere's rating of the film North Face

    The contrast between the warm safe hotel and the terrible mountain conditions made it even more hard to watch the main characters suffer. At around the 1 hour mark I lost all hope. Beautiful cinematography and perfect film score.

  3. Daniel S.'s rating of the film North Face

    Great adventure movie. No need for superheroes here, just men against rocks, wind and snow. The fourth element, fire, can be found over the frozen face of these characters or glowing in the chimneys of those who stayed home. Highly recommended.

  4. Victor-André's rating of the film North Face

    Amazing, frightening, surprising and moving !

  5. sehzadeika's rating of the film North Face

    Kaliteli rekabet duygusu ve doğaya birazcık tehlikeli bakmak istiyorsak izlemeliyiz...sizde o dağa tırmanacaksınız

  6. arlinda's rating of the film North Face

    Cliffhangers, literal ones, in action films, are mere dare-devil stunts for adrenaline junkies. We know they will live. Just the opposite is true here. The suspense is so real, because in our gut we know that they won't. And that is bone chilling.

  7. J. O.'s rating of the film North Face

    Each viewing of the incredibly impressive "Nordwand" genuinely brings forth new discoveries. The cinematography is outstanding and the production design is overall pretty immaculate. The blustering snow atop the Eiger is contrasted with the warm glow of a fireplace indoors at the base hotel, and this works marvellously well. Although unbearably stressful at times, this film is a beautiful piece of historic fiction.

  8. Taylor Geddes's rating of the film North Face

    Finally sat down and watched this after having wanted to for a couple years now. Completely gut-wrenching and well worth the wait. Feels a little long in parts but it’s not often a movie gets much emotion out of me and this got a lot at one point, so it makes up for it in strides. Recommended if you want to get chilly.

  9. olivia marion's rating of the film North Face

    Still feel the need to have a warm cup of tea and a blanket wrapped around much snow, ice, cold, and tension.