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Ratings & Reviews

  1. subtonal's rating of the film Northfork

    (3.5) beautiful, creative cinematography, and interesting intentions, but unfortunately is overall unconvincing, especially in characterization, and pretentious

  2. Axel's rating of the film Northfork

    A true masterpiece, and to think that it almost wasn't made. Madness.

  3. Fialka Novotny's rating of the film Northfork

    The most elegiac of the Polish brothers' work, this is possibly the most visually stunning, a bare windswept dream. Breathtaking, heartbreaking, and yet bizarrely funny, it's up to the observer to unravel the densely woven story, which makes it one of the more memorable films I've seen in years. Worth the Brothers betting the house on, and worth seeing for the cinematography alone (but there is more, so much more).