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  1. Photo of Allan Dwan

    Allan Dwan Director, Producer

  2. Photo of Laird Doyle

    Laird Doyle Screenplay

  3. Photo of Elizabeth Meehan

    Elizabeth Meehan Screenplay

  4. Photo of Richard Sale

    Richard Sale Screenplay

  5. Photo of Angela Stuart

    Angela Stuart Screenplay

  6. Photo of Nelson Eddy

    Nelson Eddy Cast

  7. Photo of Ilona Massey

    Ilona Massey Cast

  8. Photo of Joseph Schildkraut

    Joseph Schildkraut Cast

  9. Photo of Hugo Haas

    Hugo Haas Cast

  10. Photo of Elsa Lanchester

    Elsa Lanchester Cast

  11. Photo of Lenore Ulric

    Lenore Ulric Cast

  12. Photo of Peter Whitney

    Peter Whitney Cast

  13. Photo of Tamara Shayne

    Tamara Shayne Cast

  14. Photo of Ernö Verebes

    Ernö Verebes Cast

  15. Photo of George Sorel

    George Sorel Cast

  16. Photo of Rick Vallin

    Rick Vallin Cast

  17. Photo of Michael Visaroff

    Michael Visaroff Cast

  18. Photo of Robert Armbruster

    Robert Armbruster Music

  19. Photo of Rudolf Friml

    Rudolf Friml Music, Screenplay

  20. Photo of Reggie Lanning

    Reggie Lanning Cinematography

  21. Photo of Harry Keller

    Harry Keller Editing

  22. Photo of Hilyard M. Brown

    Hilyard M. Brown Production Design

  23. Photo of Fred A. Ritter

    Fred A. Ritter Production Design