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  1. Photo of Thomas Cappelen Malling

    Thomas Cappelen Malling Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Mads Ousdal

    Mads Ousdal Cast

  3. Photo of Jon Øigarden

    Jon Øigarden Cast

  4. Photo of Linn Stokke

    Linn Stokke Cast

  5. Photo of Amund Maarud

    Amund Maarud Cast

  6. Photo of Dean Erik Andersen

    Dean Erik Andersen Cast

  7. Photo of Terje Strømdahl

    Terje Strømdahl Cast

  8. Photo of Martinus Grimstad Olsen

    Martinus Grimstad Olsen Cast

  9. Photo of Øyvind Venstad Kjeksrud

    Øyvind Venstad Kjeksrud Cast

  10. Photo of Henrik Horge

    Henrik Horge Cast

  11. Photo of Emil Johnsen

    Emil Johnsen Cast

  12. Photo of Trond Høines

    Trond Høines Cinematography

  13. Photo of Gaute Tønder

    Gaute Tønder Music

  14. Photo of Are Sjaastad

    Are Sjaastad Production Design

  15. Photo of Eric Vogel

    Eric Vogel Producer

  16. Photo of Simen Gengenbach

    Simen Gengenbach Editing