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  1. Photo of Andrei Tarkovsky

    Andrei Tarkovsky Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Tonino Guerra

    Tonino Guerra Screenplay

  3. Photo of Giuseppe Lanci

    Giuseppe Lanci Cinematography

  4. Photo of Erland Josephson

    Erland Josephson Cast

  5. Photo of Oleg Yankovsky

    Oleg Yankovsky Cast

  6. Photo of Delia Boccardo

    Delia Boccardo Cast

  7. Photo of Domiziana Giordano

    Domiziana Giordano Cast

  8. Photo of Patrizia Terreno

    Patrizia Terreno Cast

  9. Photo of Franco Casati

    Franco Casati Producer

  10. Photo of Daniel Toscan du Plantier

    Daniel Toscan du Plantier Producer

  11. Photo of Erminia Marani

    Erminia Marani Editing

  12. Photo of Amedeo Salfa

    Amedeo Salfa Editing

  13. Photo of Remo Ugolinelli

    Remo Ugolinelli Sound

  14. Photo of Andrea Crisanti

    Andrea Crisanti Production Design

  15. Photo of Manolo Bolognini

    Manolo Bolognini Executive Producer

  16. Photo of Renzo Rossellini

    Renzo Rossellini Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Laura De Marchi

    Laura De Marchi Cast

  18. Photo of Milena Vukotic

    Milena Vukotic Cast

  19. Photo of Raffaele Di Mario

    Raffaele Di Mario Cast

  20. Photo of Rate Furlan

    Rate Furlan Cast

  21. Photo of Livio Galassi

    Livio Galassi Cast

  22. Photo of Elena Magoia

    Elena Magoia Cast

  23. Photo of Piero Vida

    Piero Vida Cast