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  1. Photo of Bonnie Sherr Klein

    Bonnie Sherr Klein Director, Cast Screenplay

  2. Photo of Kathleen Shannon

    Kathleen Shannon Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Dorothy Todd Hénaut

    Dorothy Todd Hénaut Producer

  4. Photo of Mark L. Rosen

    Mark L. Rosen Producer

  5. Photo of Andrée Klein

    Andrée Klein Screenplay

  6. Photo of Irene Lilienheim Angelico

    Irene Lilienheim Angelico Screenplay

  7. Photo of Rose-Aimée Todd

    Rose-Aimée Todd Screenplay

  8. Photo of Pierre Letarte

    Pierre Letarte Cinematography

  9. Photo of Linda Lee Tracey

    Linda Lee Tracey Cast

  10. Photo of Suze Randall

    Suze Randall Cast

  11. Photo of Kate Millett

    Kate Millett Cast

  12. Photo of David S. Wells

    David S. Wells Cast

  13. Photo of Marc Stevens

    Marc Stevens Cast

  14. Photo of Ron Martin

    Ron Martin Cast

  15. Photo of Richard Snowdon

    Richard Snowdon Cast

  16. Photo of Patrica Lucas

    Patrica Lucas Cast

  17. Photo of Rick Lucas

    Rick Lucas Cast

  18. Photo of Robin Morgan

    Robin Morgan Cast

  19. Photo of Kenneth Pitchford

    Kenneth Pitchford Cast

  20. Photo of Susan Griffin

    Susan Griffin Cast

  21. Photo of Edward Donnerstein

    Edward Donnerstein Cast

  22. Photo of Kathleen Barry

    Kathleen Barry Cast

  23. Photo of Blue Sky

    Blue Sky Cast

  24. Photo of Margaret Atwood

    Margaret Atwood Cast

  25. Photo of Naomi Klein

    Naomi Klein Cast

  26. Photo of Gene Palma

    Gene Palma Cast

  27. Photo of Anne Henderson

    Anne Henderson Editing

  28. Photo of Ginette Bellavance

    Ginette Bellavance Music

  29. Photo of Sylvia Moscovitz

    Sylvia Moscovitz Music

  30. Photo of Yves Gendron

    Yves Gendron Sound

  31. Photo of Jackie Newell

    Jackie Newell Sound

  32. Photo of Hans Peter Strobl

    Hans Peter Strobl Sound