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  1. Photo of Toshiharu Maruuchi

    Toshiharu Maruuchi Screenplay

  2. Photo of Yoshiharu Tsuge

    Yoshiharu Tsuge Screenplay

  3. Photo of Naoto Takenaka

    Naoto Takenaka Cast and Director

  4. Photo of Jun Fubuki

    Jun Fubuki Cast

  5. Photo of Kotaro Santo

    Kotaro Santo Cast

  6. Photo of Miyako Yamaguchi

    Miyako Yamaguchi Cast

  7. Photo of Taro Maruse

    Taro Maruse Cast

  8. Photo of Hiroshi Kanbe

    Hiroshi Kanbe Cast

  9. Photo of Tomokazu Miura

    Tomokazu Miura Cast

  10. Photo of Yoshio Harada

    Yoshio Harada Cast

  11. Photo of Ren Ohsugi

    Ren Ohsugi Cast

  12. Photo of Yoshiko Kuga

    Yoshiko Kuga Cast

  13. Photo of Tatsumi Kumashiro

    Tatsumi Kumashiro Cast

  14. Photo of Fujio Suga

    Fujio Suga Cast

  15. Photo of Seikô Itô

    Seikô Itô Cast

  16. Photo of Akiko Nomura

    Akiko Nomura Cast

  17. Photo of Kôjirô Kusanagi

    Kôjirô Kusanagi Cast

  18. Photo of Yôji Tanaka

    Yôji Tanaka Cast

  19. Photo of Teru

    Teru Cast

  20. Photo of Yasushi Sasakibara

    Yasushi Sasakibara Cinematography

  21. Photo of Titi Matsumura

    Titi Matsumura Music

  22. Photo of Gonzalez Mikami

    Gonzalez Mikami Music

  23. Photo of Iwao Saitô

    Iwao Saitô Production Design

  24. Photo of Hirotsugu Yoshida

    Hirotsugu Yoshida Producer

  25. Photo of Shozo Ichiyama

    Shozo Ichiyama Producer

  26. Photo of Kazuyoshi Okuyama

    Kazuyoshi Okuyama Executive Producer

  27. Photo of Frank Mazzola

    Frank Mazzola Editing

  28. Photo of Yoshiyuki Okuhara

    Yoshiyuki Okuhara Editing

  29. Photo of Mineharu Kitamura

    Mineharu Kitamura Sound