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  1. Didier Pigeon-Perreault's rating of the film Nuit #1

  2. Alex's rating of the film Nuit #1

  3. flori de cireș's rating of the film Nuit #1

    Decupajul unei nopți în care îți vomiți toate sinceritățile,brutale și grosolane în fața unei ființe aleatorie din mulțime. Nikolai-autodistructiv,absent pe plan social,seducător fără a-și propune vreo țintă- un concept de proză. Monologul Clarei din baie e edificator pt mine.

  4. Carolina's rating of the film Nuit #1

    [At the beginning of the movie, one of the greatest sex scene ever filmed, poetic and feverish at the same time]. 'Nuit #1' is a partial but vivid portrait of youth oscillating between existential void and longing for life. Maybe too verbose, but also full of tenderness and truth. Both actors are perfect for their role and I really enjoyed the chemistry between them.

  5. Thayná de Paula's rating of the film Nuit #1

    "two people who fuck and then proclaim, verbosely, that they have no reason not to kill themselves" that may be my kind of thing

  6. saitosouta's rating of the film Nuit #1

    Sometime, we need people who just listen to our words. Intimate, wonderful debut feature. Robichaud, Lafleur, Emond, I LOOOOOVE New Québécois directors.

  7. anarresti's rating of the film Nuit #1

    Awful. Hard to watch 'till the end*. You would think this was made 20 years earlier. But it turns out these are not the children of the hippies, but their grandchildren. This generation should be rebelling against the puritanism of their parents, but there is the danger of another puritan surge with yet another tragic malaise of disenchanted hedonism. Pretty soon they'll be reading Otto Weininger and burning condoms.

  8. Eric Rucker's rating of the film Nuit #1

    Chekov! With piercing realism like Mike Leigh's films. Nicolai's character has echoes of Chekov's real life brother. And the title role in Ivanov. Nicolai Gogol, too. N hides from the world but leaves himself nowhere to hide emotionally. Clara gets out but hides from herself by living on the run. So they are good keys to each other's locks. Astonishing acting, and the first and last scenes are deeply human bookends.

  9. SueRay's rating of the film Nuit #1

    This movie is about crybabies. The two stars are for Nikolai's boner!

  10. batailleordie's rating of the film Nuit #1

    Tries to be a Canadian Buffalo '66 and doesn't quite make it.

  11. mpho3's rating of the film Nuit #1

    Such a come-down after the nicely done opening rave scene. I've known these people. After they get some SSRIs and grow up a little, they tend to turn out just fine but until then their presence is laborious.

  12. roserine kenlew's rating of the film Nuit #1

    Watching a movie about two people who fuck and then proclaim, verbosely, that they have no reason not to kill themselves is a pointless and extremely frustrating exercise.

  13. Eric Sherwood's rating of the film Nuit #1

  14. mohara's rating of the film Nuit #1

    thought I hated it at first but now days later I can't stop thinking about it.

  15. Rhondo Alameda's rating of the film Nuit #1

    Imperfect film attempts to take on serious topics. Beautiful Catherine de Leon (Quebec/Canada's answer to Juliette Binoche?) gives a strong performance.

  16. z2z2's rating of the film Nuit #1

    This movie made me feel like I'm so much smaller than what's around me. It also made me feel the significance of the small emotions I push away to avoid feeling. I loved this movie

  17. Nicholas Kohut's rating of the film Nuit #1

    Excellent reflection of life and overindulgent tendencies of spiritually lost and philosophically devoid individuals. The shots a superb, each advancing the characters' developments and telling us something new. The dialogue is also very elegant, summing up big ideas into but a few words. Very inspiring, highly recommend.

  18. amhume's rating of the film Nuit #1

    So bad I couldn't stop watching it.

  19. Cameron Rabbit's rating of the film Nuit #1

    Found the first half of the film trite and cliche but de Lean's monologue in the bathtub made the film well worth a watch

  20. Soulo_Guero's rating of the film Nuit #1

  21. Steven Cohen's rating of the film Nuit #1

    Nuit #1 opens really strong. The opening is a little unnecessarily graphic, but that allows for an honest and charming scene. And then they start talking. Nikolaï frustrating personality is surely part of Anne Émond's intent, but he is just so whiny and self-righteous; Clara's silence through it all makes it even more painful. Eventually it begins to make sense, but the the bad taste Nikolaï leaves is tough to shake.

  22. crystal meff's rating of the film Nuit #1

    Ironically the only beauty in this film is the physical attributes of the actors..... the script is for most parts a carcass..... i managed to outlive it.

  23. Mark's rating of the film Nuit #1

    i wouldn't normally like a movie like this, but this one is surprisingly on point much of the time. It's nothing revelatory, but the conversations seemed true to these particular characters and actors. It also seemed to go by very fast.

  24. jamesey's rating of the film Nuit #1

    Thought this was going to be gratuitous but turned out to be thoughtful and interesting

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