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  1. Diderot's rating of the film Numéro deux

    One of the more playful and accessible experiments in Godard's middle period. It's unfortunate that this kind of filmmaking will always seem too far afield to be really seen and understood, but what Godard is thinking about here concerns all forms of filmmaking and is worth considering for even the most commercial representations.

  2. Il secondo maestro del revolver's rating of the film Numéro deux

  3. Marc St-Cyr (Death cinéphilia)'s rating of the film Numéro deux

    Revisited: I think this video-film is a politically and technically a milestone, but i felt this film is too didactics and lack of poetry. (why they didn't put Anne-Marie Miéville as co-director?)

  4. Benjamin Bland's rating of the film Numéro deux

    So many of Godard's post-67 films can be absorbed passively. One can watch them whilst drifting in and out, and then be grabbed by an image, a phrase or an idea. This is different. It's uncomfortable. I came out of the cinema not wanting to see it again, yet I find myself thinking about it often.

  5. Lynch/Fellini's rating of the film Numéro deux

  6. Stefano Pesenti C.'s rating of the film Numéro deux

  7. grotescsetorg's rating of the film Numéro deux

  8. Lights in the Dusk's rating of the film Numéro deux

    "There was a landscape, we put a factory in it. There was a factory, we put a landscape around it." JLG returns to this quotation to examine the circumstances of the modern family. No longer human, but a commodity; their routines & relationships more an industrialised process; domesticity as final product. The disconnection between the two suggested through jarring, dissociative juxtapositions between sound & image.

  9. er_sagt's rating of the film Numéro deux

    Brilliant. The film is about control and compromise, illustrated through the work place, relationship, child rearing and gender. The ending scene is one of Godard's best.

  10. Jake Cole's rating of the film Numéro deux

    Godard consolidates his past (mid-'60s essays, DVG polemics, even a brief Breathless nod) and his future (Histoire(s), France/Tour/Detour...) with this masterpiece. He's still political, but here he puts it in the frame of human emotions, even if they are abstract. The juxtaposition is clever, the thoughts probing and the tangents entertaining. It's challenging, but oh so worth it.

  11. Jeremy Richey's rating of the film Numéro deux

    An absolutely essential Godard film that is sadly MIA on DVD and Blu-ray here in the States. Briefly available on VHS in the early part of the last decade, this relatively little-seen masterpiece would be a wonderful addition to The Criterion Collection.

  12. Basse's rating of the film Numéro deux