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  1. Photo of Yves Simoneau

    Yves Simoneau Director

  2. Photo of Joseph E. Persico

    Joseph E. Persico Screenplay

  3. Photo of David W. Rintels

    David W. Rintels Screenplay

  4. Photo of Alec Baldwin

    Alec Baldwin Cast

  5. Photo of Brian Cox

    Brian Cox Cast

  6. Photo of Christopher Plummer

    Christopher Plummer Cast

  7. Photo of Jill Hennessy

    Jill Hennessy Cast

  8. Photo of Christopher Heyerdahl

    Christopher Heyerdahl Cast

  9. Photo of Roger Dunn

    Roger Dunn Cast

  10. Photo of David McIlwraith

    David McIlwraith Cast

  11. Photo of Christopher Shyer

    Christopher Shyer Cast

  12. Photo of Hrothgar Matthews

    Hrothgar Matthews Cast

  13. Photo of Herbert Knaup

    Herbert Knaup Cast

  14. Photo of Frank Moore

    Frank Moore Cast

  15. Photo of Frank Fontaine

    Frank Fontaine Cast

  16. Photo of Raymond Cloutier

    Raymond Cloutier Cast

  17. Photo of Bill Corday

    Bill Corday Cast

  18. Photo of Ken Kramer

    Ken Kramer Cast

  19. Photo of Sam Stone

    Sam Stone Cast

  20. Photo of Douglas O'Keefe

    Douglas O'Keefe Cast

  21. Photo of Benoît Girard

    Benoît Girard Cast

  22. Photo of James Bradford

    James Bradford Cast

  23. Photo of Roc LaFortune

    Roc LaFortune Cast

  24. Photo of Dennis St John

    Dennis St John Cast

  25. Photo of Griffith Brewer

    Griffith Brewer Cast

  26. Photo of Gabriel Gascon

    Gabriel Gascon Cast

  27. Photo of Julien Poulin

    Julien Poulin Cast

  28. Photo of Len Cariou

    Len Cariou Cast

  29. Photo of Len Doncheff

    Len Doncheff Cast

  30. Photo of Colm Feore

    Colm Feore Cast

  31. Photo of Michael Ironside

    Michael Ironside Cast

  32. Photo of Matt Craven

    Matt Craven Cast

  33. Photo of Geoffrey Pounsett

    Geoffrey Pounsett Cast

  34. Photo of Mark Walker

    Mark Walker Cast

  35. Photo of Max von Sydow

    Max von Sydow Cast

  36. Photo of Rebecca Jenkins

    Rebecca Jenkins Cast

  37. Photo of Susan Glover

    Susan Glover Cast

  38. Photo of Sally Taylor-Isherwood

    Sally Taylor-Isherwood Cast

  39. Photo of Bobo Vian

    Bobo Vian Cast

  40. Photo of Peter Colvey

    Peter Colvey Cast

  41. Photo of Shawn Baichoo

    Shawn Baichoo Cast

  42. Photo of Mark Ryan

    Mark Ryan Cast

  43. Photo of Frank Burns

    Frank Burns Cast

  44. Photo of Erwin Potitt

    Erwin Potitt Cast

  45. Photo of Tom Rack

    Tom Rack Cast

  46. Photo of Alain Fournier

    Alain Fournier Cast

  47. Photo of René Gagnon

    René Gagnon Cast

  48. Photo of David Francis

    David Francis Cast

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