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  1. Photo of Leander Haußmann

    Leander Haußmann Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Thomas Brussig

    Thomas Brussig Screenplay

  3. Photo of Kim Frank

    Kim Frank Cast

  4. Photo of Oliver Bröcker

    Oliver Bröcker Cast

  5. Photo of Jasmin Schwiers

    Jasmin Schwiers Cast

  6. Photo of Annika Kuhl

    Annika Kuhl Cast

  7. Photo of Ignaz Kirchner

    Ignaz Kirchner Cast

  8. Photo of Maxim Mehmet

    Maxim Mehmet Cast

  9. Photo of Robert Gwisdek

    Robert Gwisdek Cast

  10. Photo of Philippe Graber

    Philippe Graber Cast

  11. Photo of Daniel Zillmann

    Daniel Zillmann Cast

  12. Photo of Torsten Michaelis

    Torsten Michaelis Cast

  13. Photo of Uwe Dag Berlin

    Uwe Dag Berlin Cast

  14. Photo of Ralf Dittrich

    Ralf Dittrich Cast

  15. Photo of Steffi Kühnert

    Steffi Kühnert Cast

  16. Photo of Katharina Thalbach

    Katharina Thalbach Cast

  17. Photo of Kirstin Ziller

    Kirstin Ziller Cast

  18. Photo of Elisabeth Hart

    Elisabeth Hart Cast

  19. Photo of Stefan Konarske

    Stefan Konarske Cast

  20. Photo of Hinnerk Schönemann

    Hinnerk Schönemann Cast

  21. Photo of Sven Honig

    Sven Honig Cast

  22. Photo of Mario Winkelmann

    Mario Winkelmann Cast

  23. Photo of Ezard Haußmann

    Ezard Haußmann Cast

  24. Photo of Roman Kaminski

    Roman Kaminski Cast

  25. Photo of Sebastian Soukup

    Sebastian Soukup Cast

  26. Photo of Donath Jochen

    Donath Jochen Cast

  27. Photo of Paul Maaß

    Paul Maaß Cast

  28. Photo of André Vogelweider

    André Vogelweider Cast

  29. Photo of Frank Griebe

    Frank Griebe Cinematography

  30. Photo of Marcel Blatti

    Marcel Blatti Music

  31. Photo of Paul Lemp

    Paul Lemp Music

  32. Photo of Lothar Holler

    Lothar Holler Production Design

  33. Photo of Claus Boje

    Claus Boje Producer

  34. Photo of Detlev Buck

    Detlev Buck Producer and Cast

  35. Photo of Hansjörg Weißbrich

    Hansjörg Weißbrich Editing

  36. Photo of Wolfgang Schukrafft

    Wolfgang Schukrafft Sound