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  1. Photo of George Schnéevoigt

    George Schnéevoigt Director

  2. Photo of Paul Sarauw

    Paul Sarauw Screenplay

  3. Photo of Fleming Lynge

    Fleming Lynge Screenplay

  4. Photo of Frederik Jensen

    Frederik Jensen Cast

  5. Photo of Karina Bell

    Karina Bell Cast

  6. Photo of Sigfred Johansen

    Sigfred Johansen Cast

  7. Photo of Hans W. Petersen

    Hans W. Petersen Cast

  8. Photo of Lili Lani

    Lili Lani Cast

  9. Photo of Mathilde Nielsen

    Mathilde Nielsen Cast

  10. Photo of Karen Poulsen

    Karen Poulsen Cast

  11. Photo of Rasmus Christiansen

    Rasmus Christiansen Cast

  12. Photo of Valdemar Christensen

    Valdemar Christensen Cinematography

  13. Photo of Kai Normann Andersen

    Kai Normann Andersen Music

  14. Photo of Børge Müller

    Børge Müller Lyrics

  15. Photo of Arvid Müller

    Arvid Müller Lyrics