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  1. Photo of Carlos Coelho da Silva

    Carlos Coelho da Silva Director

  2. Photo of Alexandre Valente

    Alexandre Valente Producer

  3. Photo of Eça de Queirós

    Eça de Queirós Screenplay

  4. Photo of Vera Sacramento

    Vera Sacramento Screenplay

  5. Photo of Inês Carvalho

    Inês Carvalho Cinematography

  6. Photo of Mário Castanheira

    Mário Castanheira Cinematography

  7. Photo of Jorge Corrula

    Jorge Corrula Cast

  8. Photo of Soraia Chaves

    Soraia Chaves Cast

  9. Photo of Nicolau Breyner

    Nicolau Breyner Cast

  10. Photo of Glória Férias

    Glória Férias Cast

  11. Photo of Ana Bustorff

    Ana Bustorff Cast

  12. Photo of Nuno Melo

    Nuno Melo Cast

  13. Photo of João Lagarto

    João Lagarto Cast

  14. Photo of José Wallenstein

    José Wallenstein Cast

  15. Photo of Diogo Morgado

    Diogo Morgado Cast

  16. Photo of Ricardo Pereira

    Ricardo Pereira Cast

  17. Photo of Ruy de Carvalho

    Ruy de Carvalho Cast

  18. Photo of Rogério Samora

    Rogério Samora Cast

  19. Photo of João Braz

    João Braz Editing

  20. Photo of Catarina Amaro

    Catarina Amaro Production Design

  21. Photo of Sam the Kid

    Sam the Kid Music

  22. Photo of Pacman

    Pacman Music

  23. Photo of Ana Simão

    Ana Simão Costume Design

  24. Photo of Rui Unas

    Rui Unas Cast