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  1. Photo of Paulo Rocha

    Paulo Rocha Director

  2. Photo of Patrick Sandrin

    Patrick Sandrin Producer

  3. Photo of Paulo Rocha

    Paulo Rocha Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jorge Silva Melo

    Jorge Silva Melo Screenplay

  5. Photo of Manuel de Lucena

    Manuel de Lucena Screenplay

  6. Photo of Antoine Lacomblez

    Antoine Lacomblez Screenplay

  7. Photo of Kôzô Okazaki

    Kôzô Okazaki Cinematography

  8. Photo of Philippe Hersant

    Philippe Hersant Music

  9. Photo of Joaquim Pinto

    Joaquim Pinto Sound

  10. Photo of Vasco Pimentel

    Vasco Pimentel Sound

  11. Photo of Francisco Veloso

    Francisco Veloso Sound

  12. Photo of Pierre Lorrain

    Pierre Lorrain Sound

  13. Photo of Christiane Lack

    Christiane Lack Editing

  14. Photo of Luís Miguel Cintra

    Luís Miguel Cintra Cast

  15. Photo of Manuela de Freitas

    Manuela de Freitas Cast

  16. Photo of Caroline Chaniolleau

    Caroline Chaniolleau Cast

  17. Photo of Jacques Bonnaffé

    Jacques Bonnaffé Cast

  18. Photo of Yves Afonso

    Yves Afonso Cast

  19. Photo of Armando Cortez

    Armando Cortez Cast

  20. Photo of Luís Santos

    Luís Santos Cast

  21. Photo of Isabel Ruth

    Isabel Ruth Cast

  22. Photo of Isabel de Castro

    Isabel de Castro Cast

  23. Photo of Mário Jacques

    Mário Jacques Cast

  24. Photo of Clara Joana

    Clara Joana Cast

  25. Photo of Paiva Raposo

    Paiva Raposo Cast

  26. Photo of Zita Duarte

    Zita Duarte Cast

  27. Photo of Inês de Medeiros

    Inês de Medeiros Cast

  28. Photo of Alberto Inácio

    Alberto Inácio Cast

  29. Photo of João Bénard da Costa (Duarte de Almeida)

    João Bénard da Costa (Duarte de Almeida) Cast