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  1. Photo of Hasan Seyidbayli

    Hasan Seyidbayli Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Arif Narimanbayov

    Arif Narimanbayov Cinematography

  3. Photo of Mammad Hüseynov

    Mammad Hüseynov Production Design

  4. Photo of Tofiq Quliyev

    Tofiq Quliyev Music

  5. Photo of Nelli Mahmudova

    Nelli Mahmudova Editing

  6. Photo of Şamsi Badalbayli

    Şamsi Badalbayli Cast

  7. Photo of Tofiq Mirzayev

    Tofiq Mirzayev Cast

  8. Photo of Hamlet Xanizada

    Hamlet Xanizada Cast

  9. Photo of Eldaniz Zeynalov

    Eldaniz Zeynalov Cast

  10. Photo of Safura İbrahimova

    Safura İbrahimova Cast

  11. Photo of Sevil Qasımova

    Sevil Qasımova Cast

  12. Photo of Ramiz Malikov

    Ramiz Malikov Cast

  13. Photo of Nasiba Zeynalova

    Nasiba Zeynalova Cast

  14. Photo of Muxtar Maniyev

    Muxtar Maniyev Cast

  15. Photo of Ağahüseyn Karimov

    Ağahüseyn Karimov Cast and Sound

  16. Photo of Hacimurad Yegizarov

    Hacimurad Yegizarov Cast

  17. Photo of Stanislav Kovtun

    Stanislav Kovtun Cast

  18. Photo of Süsan Macidova

    Süsan Macidova Cast

  19. Photo of Lyudmila Duxovnaya

    Lyudmila Duxovnaya Cast

  20. Photo of Ofeliya Sanani

    Ofeliya Sanani Cast

  21. Photo of Sona Aslanova

    Sona Aslanova Cast