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  1. Photo of Aquilino Ribeiro

    Aquilino Ribeiro Screenplay

  2. Photo of Maria Alberta Menéres

    Maria Alberta Menéres Screenplay

  3. Photo of Joel Branco

    Joel Branco Cast

  4. Photo of João Coelho

    João Coelho Cast

  5. Photo of Fernanda de Figueiredo

    Fernanda de Figueiredo Cast

  6. Photo of Luis Horta

    Luis Horta Cast

  7. Photo of Maria Manuela

    Maria Manuela Cast

  8. Photo of Igor Sampaio

    Igor Sampaio Cast

  9. Photo of António Semedo

    António Semedo Cast

  10. Photo of Alina Vaz

    Alina Vaz Cast

  11. Photo of Jorge Machado

    Jorge Machado Music

  12. Photo of Marcello de Moraes

    Marcello de Moraes Producer and Screenplay

  13. Photo of Anabela Alves

    Anabela Alves Animation

  14. Photo of Laura Carvalhosa

    Laura Carvalhosa Animation

  15. Photo of Nuno Leonel

    Nuno Leonel Animation

  16. Photo of Artur Costa Correia

    Artur Costa Correia Animation, Art Department, Editing Director

  17. Photo of Ricardo Neto

    Ricardo Neto Animation, Director, Art Department Editing