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  1. Photo of Gonzaga Blota

    Gonzaga Blota Director

  2. Photo of Paulo Ubiratan

    Paulo Ubiratan Director

  3. Photo of Lauro César Muniz

    Lauro César Muniz Screenplay

  4. Photo of Alcides Nogueira

    Alcides Nogueira Screenplay

  5. Photo of Lima Duarte

    Lima Duarte Cast

  6. Photo of Francisco Cuoco

    Francisco Cuoco Cast

  7. Photo of José Wilker

    José Wilker Cast

  8. Photo of Betty Faria

    Betty Faria Cast

  9. Photo of Susana Vieira

    Susana Vieira Cast

  10. Photo of Maitê Proença

    Maitê Proença Cast

  11. Photo of Antonio Calloni

    Antonio Calloni Cast

  12. Photo of Lúcia Veríssimo

    Lúcia Veríssimo Cast

  13. Photo of Cláudio Cavalcanti

    Cláudio Cavalcanti Cast

  14. Photo of Lucinha Lins

    Lucinha Lins Cast

  15. Photo of Thales Pan Chacon

    Thales Pan Chacon Cast

  16. Photo of Nelson Dantas

    Nelson Dantas Cast

  17. Photo of Cecil Thiré

    Cecil Thiré Cast

  18. Photo of Antônio Grassi

    Antônio Grassi Cast

  19. Photo of Gracindo Júnior

    Gracindo Júnior Cast

  20. Photo of Mário Lago

    Mário Lago Cast

  21. Photo of Natália Lage

    Natália Lage Cast

  22. Photo of Maurício Mattar

    Maurício Mattar Cast

  23. Photo of Eduardo Galvão

    Eduardo Galvão Cast

  24. Photo of Suzy Rêgo

    Suzy Rêgo Cast

  25. Photo of Aldine Muller

    Aldine Muller Cast

  26. Photo of Flávio Migliaccio

    Flávio Migliaccio Cast

  27. Photo of Marcos Paulo

    Marcos Paulo Cast

  28. Photo of Luis Gustavo

    Luis Gustavo Cast

  29. Photo of Tássia Camargo

    Tássia Camargo Cast

  30. Photo of Paulo César Peréio

    Paulo César Peréio Cast