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  1. Photo of António de Macedo

    António de Macedo Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Maria d'Aires

    Maria d'Aires Cast

  3. Photo of Eugénia Bettencourt

    Eugénia Bettencourt Cast

  4. Photo of João Reis

    João Reis Cast

  5. Photo of Manuel Cavaco

    Manuel Cavaco Cast

  6. Photo of Helena Isabel

    Helena Isabel Cast

  7. Photo of Luís Lucas

    Luís Lucas Cast

  8. Photo of Rui Luís Brás

    Rui Luís Brás Cast

  9. Photo of Rita Salema

    Rita Salema Cast

  10. Photo of João Lagarto

    João Lagarto Cast

  11. Photo of André Gago

    André Gago Cast

  12. Photo of Catarina Avelar

    Catarina Avelar Cast

  13. Photo of Alexandre Melo

    Alexandre Melo Cast

  14. Photo of Amélia Videira

    Amélia Videira Cast

  15. Photo of Rui Pedro

    Rui Pedro Cast

  16. Photo of Carlos Coelho

    Carlos Coelho Cast

  17. Photo of Joaquim Rosa

    Joaquim Rosa Cast

  18. Photo of Carlos Vieira de Almeida

    Carlos Vieira de Almeida Cast

  19. Photo of Tiago Pereira

    Tiago Pereira Cast

  20. Photo of Bruno Schiappa

    Bruno Schiappa Cast

  21. Photo of Fernanda Alves

    Fernanda Alves Cast

  22. Photo of Kintop

    Kintop Producer