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  1. Photo of Carlos Coimbra

    Carlos Coimbra Director, Editing, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Sérgio Coimbra

    Sérgio Coimbra Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ody Fraga

    Ody Fraga Screenplay

  4. Photo of Rodolfo Mayer

    Rodolfo Mayer Cast

  5. Photo of Maria Della Costa

    Maria Della Costa Cast

  6. Photo of Kate Lyra

    Kate Lyra Cast

  7. Photo of Sebastião Campos

    Sebastião Campos Cast

  8. Photo of Sandro Polônio

    Sandro Polônio Cast

  9. Photo of Wanda Cosmo

    Wanda Cosmo Cast

  10. Photo of Paulo Hesse

    Paulo Hesse Cast

  11. Photo of Roberto Orosco

    Roberto Orosco Cast

  12. Photo of Alan Fontaine

    Alan Fontaine Cast

  13. Photo of Maria Viana

    Maria Viana Cast

  14. Photo of Elza Tsugawa

    Elza Tsugawa Cast

  15. Photo of Omar Cardoso

    Omar Cardoso Cast

  16. Photo of Aloisio Aslan

    Aloisio Aslan Cast

  17. Photo of Antonio Meliande

    Antonio Meliande Cinematography

  18. Photo of Carlos Lyra

    Carlos Lyra Music and Cast

  19. Photo of Wilson Miranda

    Wilson Miranda Music

  20. Photo of Chico Moraes

    Chico Moraes Music

  21. Photo of Campelo Neto

    Campelo Neto Production Design

  22. Photo of Oswaldo Massaini

    Oswaldo Massaini Producer

  23. Photo of Félix Aidar

    Félix Aidar Executive Producer

  24. Photo of Bernardino Bittencourt

    Bernardino Bittencourt Sound

  25. Photo of Roberto Leite

    Roberto Leite Sound

  26. Photo of José Tavares

    José Tavares Sound

  27. Photo of Sônia Coutinho

    Sônia Coutinho Costume Design