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  1. Photo of Reinaldo Ferreira

    Reinaldo Ferreira Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Maria Emília Castelo Branco

    Maria Emília Castelo Branco Cast

  3. Photo of Alves da Costa

    Alves da Costa Cast

  4. Photo of Alexandre Amores

    Alexandre Amores Cast

  5. Photo of Fernanda Alves da Costa

    Fernanda Alves da Costa Cast

  6. Photo of Antónia de Sousa

    Antónia de Sousa Cast

  7. Photo of Henrique de Albuquerque

    Henrique de Albuquerque Cast

  8. Photo of Luís de Albuquerque

    Luís de Albuquerque Cast

  9. Photo of Roberto Fernandes

    Roberto Fernandes Cast

  10. Photo of Adriano Guimarães

    Adriano Guimarães Cast

  11. Photo of Luís Magalhães

    Luís Magalhães Cast

  12. Photo of Alberto Miranda

    Alberto Miranda Cast

  13. Photo of Dina Pereira

    Dina Pereira Cast

  14. Photo of Manuel Silva

    Manuel Silva Cast

  15. Photo of Maurice Laumann

    Maurice Laumann Cinematography