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  1. pandakuma's rating of the film Oasis

    heartbreaking to watch and gave me enormous warmth after watching this.

  2. pintobean's rating of the film Oasis

    A difficult watch but in a good way. You want a film that will challenge you right?

  3. Il secondo maestro del revolver's rating of the film Oasis

  4. hubertguillaud's rating of the film Oasis

    Avec des personnages désarmant, Lee Chang-Dong a construit l'un des films les plus durs et éprouvants qui soit. A la fois d'une grande crudité et d'un profond lyrisme. Un film comme une échappée, une histoire d'amour impossible qui ne durera qu'un instant, et qui se veut inoubliable. Difficile pourtant de s'y projeter vraiment et de ne pas se sentir un brin manipulé.

  5. ughchenausea's rating of the film Oasis

  6. atartinia's rating of the film Oasis

  7. Kevin Costner's rating of the film Oasis

    Lee chang-dong needs to make another film soon, more I watch Lee Chang Dong films the more I am convinced he is Korea's top Director, he is a maestro.

  8. lukfwn's rating of the film Oasis

    If there is no sexual force scene in the beggining, I will give 5 stars

  9. bmelis's rating of the film Oasis

  10. Maudy Puteri Agusdina's rating of the film Oasis

    Two lonely people make a good couple / Love in a hopeless place

  11. Antoinette A's rating of the film Oasis

  12. letters never sent's rating of the film Oasis

    Most of my reasons for loving it are far too personal to share, but this I will say - this destroyed me. While I do not have any physical disability like the female protagonist, (or both of them, for that matter) I find myself relating to her in more ways than one.

  13. Richard Doyle's rating of the film Oasis

    This is an incredible film. A thoroughly unlikeable, social misfit falls into a relationship with a girl suffering from extreme cerebral palsy. The film takes it's time building just how unsympathetic the main character is, including starting the relationship with what one could only call a sexual assault, before taking you many places you do not expect to go.

  14. novanindro's rating of the film Oasis

    society is evil once again

  15. xrystyna's rating of the film Oasis

    this melodrama tiptoes a very thin line between exploitation and critique

  16. Quesera,sera's rating of the film Oasis

  17. lndah's rating of the film Oasis

    Well, the title is pretty explanatory...

  18. Ostermyers's rating of the film Oasis

    Teenage romance without teenagers ! sad, sad, sad !

  19. Lisa's rating of the film Oasis

    I feel like I'm the only one who cried a ton during this movie. Anyway, I loved the movie but I hated the way things turned out for them.

  20. Mtume Gant's rating of the film Oasis

    Maybe Korea's best Director. One of the best Films of the last Decade. Acting is top notch, in depth story handled with lucid genius.

  21. Sơn Nguyễn's rating of the film Oasis

    I don't like the stoy. I don't the the idea of this movie. I don't like the end. I don't like anything from it. And it's too long (more than 2 hours). I adore Moon So-ri but not in this movie. This is so not Lee Chang-Dong that I've know from "Peppermint Candy". It has no beautiful shot. Sorry, but is this movie overrate?

  22. Gonçalo Loureiro's rating of the film Oasis

  23. berilsinema's rating of the film Oasis

    Başlangıç olarak tecavüz rahatsız edici dursa da devamında ki toplumun tecavüzü ve So Ri Moon'un oyunculuğu filmi çok yukarılara taşıyor.Filmin rahatsız edici yönü yok diyemem ama yalnız başlangıçta ki tecavüzden rahatsız olmak yetmiyor görmezden gelmeye çalışanlardan da rahatsız olmak gerekiyor.

  24. msmichel's rating of the film Oasis

    Lee Chang-dong's third directorial effort didn't live up to his two previous efforts mainly due to a protagonist that one just isn't able to connect with. A three time loser fresh from jail takes up with a cerebral palsy suffering girl who is the daughter of a man killed in the crime he's just been released for Underneath the obvious there is a wry critique of society's abuse of the afflicted but it just lacks spark.

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